The following social media tiles were designed for IBM and IBM Partner World. Some are animated and some include original illustration. All were effective and approved by the client/stakeholder to be used as marketing collateral for their specific business units. Please click the images below to view the full size social media tiles with descriptions on the design and concepts. You will also be able to view the animations on several of these projects.


Below are three email campaigns that I designed for Longplay Brands. Their client is Dr. Squatch which is a company that sells square bars of soap in a variety of scents. The below email campaigns are for a scent called Choccy Milk which began as a joke on April Fools Day. Customers were disappointed that it was an Aprils Fools Joke and requested the Choccy Milk scent. Dr. Squatch decided to make it available as a collectors item for a limited time. The Dr. Squatch brand has some very clever imagery and funny, quirky tag lines. These were really fun to design and are very effective email campaigns for the Choccy Milk limited time offer by Dr. Squatch.