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GAIA Environment Solutions was a company formed by my father-in-law. My brother-in-law, who lives in England, became part of a group that sells a proprietary chemical that is an oil-water separator. The gentleman who invented the product lives in Tennessee. At the time he had a small team in the U.S. and a U.K. team promoting and selling the chemical to large petroleum corporations. My brother-in-law got my father-in-law, Doug, involved in the busines and he began his own sister company here in the U.S. The parent company is Plutus Environmental. Doug decided to call the U.S. company GAIA Environmental Solutions to be consistent with Plutus. He asked me to create a marketing package and website which I was happy to do. At the time I was working as a graphic and web designer at Ecologix Environmental Systems and was well educated on similar products. I first created the identity with the globe. They were very pleased with that concept so I went on to create business cards, letterhead, a brochure, and the website. They later partnered up with the U.K. team and have turned all business over to Plutus Environmental. The site was well designed and had some nice roll-over images and gif animations to make it interesting. I was disappointed to see them merge and take the site down, but it was an enjoyable project and a nice website while it was up and running. This is part of being a web designer for small and medium sized businesses. They sometimes make changes and over time the websites you design either change or become something else. Below are some example pages from the website.