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This is an academic project that I prepared for my students in a web design course at Bauder College in Atlanta, GA. I asked my students to design mock pages and design a website for a consulting group named COMBID. Using my examples to work from, students began by developing the identity and sketching up wire frame illustrations. After revising their wire frame illustrations they designed mock web pages similar to my examples using their own concepts and design. At the time I had a student website that I hosted and had designed myself to display student projects. I would upload their mock pages so that they were live on the internet. That gave the students a real experience in designing user interfaces for the web. I created these mock pages for the COMBID project and uploaded them to the website as an example for students. These examples helped students to design their web pages using professional level design concepts. Once the pages were live on the website we would incorporate flash animations, gif animations, and roll over buttons using html and css. This project was a great success and made an awesome addition to the student’s portfolios.