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CapPlan Business Consulting group in Atlanta began very small and as the company grew they added more services such as staffing and training. I was contacted by Greg Schmitt, one of the owners and operators of the consulting group. He was very enthusiastic about re-branding and growing their business. He requested a new identity which I developed. I did some original photography of the building where their office was located from the ground up. While discussing the new logo I showed Greg the images and suggested a marketing package and website update. He was very impressed with the photography and the angle of the shot. I continued to develop new business cards, brochures, and mailers for CapPlan. I then designed wire frames and mock up pages for the website. He wanted a unique look for the site so I designed roll-over links with a round curve to reflect the red ball in the logo. The home page included a flash animation that automatically illustrated the outline of a city scape. The site included animation, roll-over links and images, and some gif animations to give it some interest, some movement, and a very creative appeal.